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News (15.05.2017)
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Author:  Vikky [ 15 May 2017, 22:53 ]
Post subject:  News (15.05.2017)

1) Referal system is active now. More infos you can find in Help menu ingame. Each account has personal link, if a player came to shard through your link and will be leveling up his character - you will get Referal Points, which you can exchange on gp or Gods Stones. Referal system will work only if invited player has constant IP.
You can share Referal link with other people, or just putting it somewhere as Spam- hoping that someone will click on it, and will start playing ;)
Referal system allows you to see invited players aswell.
2) Newbie dungeon has a weak Boss now - Lizardman Chief.
3) Resourse harvesting (ores and trees as Birch and higher) are easier to get now.
4) Cooper deposits and higher, added to NPC Tasks.
5) Monsters aggression is decreased. Now monsters wont swich attack on ranged player so fast. Melee attacker is primary target from now.
6) From now, you can get off from the ship in both (Run/Walk) options.
7) Zhar-Ptica (Firebird mount) sounds fixed.

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