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Great Season Update (26.11.2017)
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Author:  Vikky [ 26 Nov 2017, 21:03 ]
Post subject:  Great Season Update (26.11.2017)

Great Season Update 2017/2018 on UORPG is officially released!
1) We build 2nd level in Ice Dungeon, with new strong Monsters, Boss and Artifacts!
2) We have added New passing Location called - Forbidden City. This is the most biggest and hardest location for passing on our server. Inhabited with new NPCs.
3) Autumn autoevent have been started. By killing all monsters you have a chance to summon Infernal Terror, killing it, you will get valuable loot, also Inferno Armor parts and Mustang of Dawn.
4) We have added custon House building system:
- you will need to place substructure with House Placement Tool;
- to build walls and other components, you must learn building plans, which you can find in PvE loot ingame;
- you will also need building materials and stone, can be found in Stone Monster loot, you can also exchange them for Ore in Minoc ะกareer;
- list of building plans you can see typing .housing command ingame
5) All of the players can get Free Premium Account for one month! Details : here Action will last till 20th December 2017.
6) In the end of December we are planning to hold an UORPG Grand Championship 2017 event. Thic Championship will be by 3x3 Tournament rules. 1st place winners will get 100 euro, 2nd - 50 and 3rd place winners will get 30 euros. If everything will go clean and without troubles we will announce this Championship in year 2018 with bigger prizes!
7) Summoning Boss defence has been updated. Details : here.
8) Legendary crafting Task has been added. You can find all infos talking to Jack lighthouse keeper on Desert Island

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