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PostPosted: 02 Jul 2019, 19:50 

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First of all i amazed the system and works its so fun and amazing congratz for ur work.

i think can be made some improvements i play like 1-2 weeks and cant find any bugs or errors i think the reasons this server about its age and realy good thing. I like the premium system it dosent effect the game balance just help with the leveling time and some benefits too. And all players helpful and nice wish more know english players ^^ but have some and they are super helpful and alwasy reach them on discord. Btw discord server so nice all most have for every langugae rooms helps the meet new friends with own langugae its realy helpful.

(i have level 13 knight - 8 craftsman)

i love about this server:
-leveling its the most important for me and its not easy and not hard. while leveling u are not getting bored and newbie dungeon gets help fast leveling for begging and premium and premium+ lots of help too and worth it.
-classes realy balanced and realy fun
-skill system realy logical with ur class and love them too and i like so much
-artifacts and can be crafted its realy amazing and fun & profitable with ur craft chars i realy love this too
-enchanting system realy cool too and giving ur eforts
-spell system realy logical and new and useful love this
-craft menu's love them u dont need to macro programs it helps everyway its perfect
-craft materials like deposits etc love them its realy amazing too
-mounts and stat bonuses realy cool too
-Quest system so good thinking and helps a lot for all levels.
-pvp-pvm realy balanced and realy fun
-tournaments and events have all the time and realy good rewards and fun.
-love the house system and fence around them

i wish to see:
-premium can give exp bonuses for deposits finding and questing too
-diffrent colour rare dyes and furnutire dyes
-armors on vendors are high price and effecting economy lower price or something maybe fix that thing i dont know but economy realy high
-some items and mounts drop rate is low maybe can be upgraded
-i like the farm spots idea outside the newbiedungeon respawn times are so long it will help economy too and easy crafting maybe minnig for too for iron ingots only.

i play UO like 20 years in sphere and runuo this server like have both and more fun realy love this server i wish i was found earlier ^^ I see a lot of system and servers and if i be hones realy i most enjoyed this server.I'm very happy to be in this server and realy thankful the gm's for this server and amazing systems for it.
*sorry for my english its not my first languge ^^

in game nick: Zeuss

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Thank you for the review, Premium has been added.

PostPosted: 21 Jul 2019, 21:10 

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Hello, to be honest , its a great shard , i play active since 2 week, and i anjoy, i play for 15 years as pvp, i train alot pvp but its not the same, its a lil a bit items based here, and its what i dont like alot, but i adapt myself to this style, im a mage i always be a mage, i dont like melee, and it seem there mage cant do anything in 1v1 against knight or other melee class on foot event, no ride. we need alot of space to survive , need alot more of micro gestion. and i would like to see more Defense from melee against melee class. I like that shard, the pve is cool, treasur map, crafting. poeple are helping eachother.
to be honest i would very like to see it less item based. its my critic about. Thanks.


PostPosted: 12 Dec 2019, 23:56 
Начинающий игрок

Joined: 05 Jan 2017, 13:17
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Im not a writer, but UO playing more than 15 years - this is not a game, this is some relaxing hobby.
Why i like Its never die's! :)

Thanks for this opportunity!

Nick in game: Ernestapp

PostPosted: 06 Jan 2020, 23:43 

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Классный сервер, много можно было бы предложить, но -это второй вопрос !
А так играю давненько посоветовал Спартак. Интересное PVP, на мой взгляд даже не обычное...
так все круто узнал о Uo rpg гугиль подсказал :)
а раньше давали на 1 мес премки, можно сжалиться дать и 30 дней :)
ник Ploo

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