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PostPosted: 01 Oct 2017, 04:03 
English Support
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- Character must be atleast level 8;
- You are not able to use this opportunity twice
- You should write down in this topic, what did you like on this server, what you dont like (constructive criticism are welcome here), at least for 2000 letters/signs(sign counter);
- You must write down your ingame nickname.

In case if administration will be satisfied with your review of this server, you will get Free Premium Account for a period of 2 weeks till month (depending on literacy and usefulness of your review). Also we want to remind you that you are able to get Trial Premium Account for 7 days, reaching level 8 and typing command .premium ingame.

In case of cheating - Administration will be forced to block your all Accounts on server. All posts except player reviews will be deleted.

Player requests will be considered during one week. If you will disquiet administration, asking for checking your review: you will get +1 week of waiting.

PostPosted: 09 Jan 2018, 03:26 

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the shard is perfect, but I think it would be cool to have dye tubs for lather, metal and weapons...somehow.
for example I like the original color of the items ... ^^
other idea:
More trash barrel in the city and in gamehouse comand ^^

Congratulations for shard!!!

In game nick name


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at least 2000 letters/signs. Use counter

PostPosted: 03 Apr 2018, 15:51 

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Hi, im old player of UO. I play this game since i was 14 years old , so now its 16 years of playing. I saw many UO shards, with many different PvP, PvM systems. Here on UORPG its very interesting and entertaining. Im 12 level now and i fully enjoy PvM , and crafting !! Its great, everything i need i can find on forum/wiki/website. Its tottaly awesome u find everything about weapons damage, durability or level u need to use, resource - how many skill for harvest and for using, and dungeons - maps, levels, treasure drop. it is so helpfull. Its the same like in-game commands, its almost perfect! I really like when u train blacksmithing and dont need to use any additional program , like razor, uoassist. Setting macros only with ultima :-) Mount system, with Str,Int,Dex bonuses - i never saw that before , and its cool, same as weight limits. Its solving many problems, for ex. thousands ingots in backpack for craft training or many items looting in dungeons . I can carry 500 mana potions with my backpack! Another big advantage of this server is market conected with websites! U dont need to run from vendor to vendor and to next vendor. U can simply find it on website. Next thing, i want compliment to newbie dungeon and safe/war zone. I saw it on few UO servers but it was solved differently, and was not so much good. But there is not only good things. I missing more spells here for necromancer or paladin. Its good the spells are divided on energy/nature/holy/necro/fire but necromancer have only poison and harm for atacking and its almost same class like mage then i thing. Because im using only flamestrike and energy bolt.
But at all, as i said , i am only level 12 and i am playing so short time so i cant rate it correctly. I want to do some PvP later and take part in events and tournaments. At last, i must say i want donate, because this ultima server is very good job, and i want reward creators for their work !!! Ok that all , and sorry for my english, im not using english every day :)

EDIT: my nickname is Sorby

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Hi, thank you for the review. If you need Premium, you should write your nickname.

PostPosted: 26 Apr 2018, 22:57 
Начинающий игрок

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Hi so far I find the shard pretty stable. Only thing I think would really help the shard are an in game vendor directory/ auction system. I like the different classes and wish I could make more than one character. Houses are a bit steep but it seems like you can make the gold quickly. I have been on many different Shards and this one is quite unique. Summoned pets should not take away XP since you have to strategize killing MOBS. It seems like there is a pay wall on this shard for newer players, not a big deal. I like it so far level 13 and want to make my push to 20. thanks for your good work. Have a good day.

In game : Napoleon


PostPosted: 11 May 2018, 21:39 

Joined: 08 May 2018, 02:37
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I started playing UO in 97 and a couple of years I stopped, and this server with its innovations made me come back.
I still do not know much about the server, but some points I liked:
- The system of options was really good, innovative! But it took me a while to discover its existence and why I did not attack automatically!
- Classes are balanced, mages are good but monsters run so much, knight are very good class but the cost of repair is hard to news. Crafters with the system of xp when crafting was very cool, but I think little xp gain, I think it better to hunt!
- The different metals and their effects, very good sistem. But I think we could further explore the search for minerals outside the cellars by implementing a tracking system for minerals.
- The craft sistem, you can put how many itens u need in auto craft. its a very very good option to dont need prograns from macro!
- The mount system with attribute bonus was very good!
- The little that I managed to do from the bosses was excellent, but there is a big jump between the boss lizard in the "newbie dungeon" and the weakest boss "in the world". Newbies take much time to explore the system due to difficulty!
- The system of pvm and pvp was very good, so it does not penalize novices and those who do not like pvp. But they should implement the "crazy hour" in which every server would be PVP.

What I did not like?

- The economy is very high, and a new jagador gets lost without ideas of how to get gold and pay the high prices of the items, after all npcs do not buy handmade items ...
"We see beautiful and powerful mounts ... But I have no idea where I can get them ... except by paying small fortunes that I can not afford to be new.
- Black orcs ... The order and the Renegates, have a great advantage in the game in the beginning. They can hunt black orcs, monsters lvl 10 and non-aggressive! Easy hunting, easy xp ... ally chaos can not do it ... need to put some creatures into chaos can hunt too.
- The taylor system should be better exploited, and the fact that it can not produce cloth makes that worse. We should explore the plantation.
- The cooking system could get more attention, producing better foods with special benefits, buffs or even a small xp bonus!

in game: Insurgente

sorry, Wap. Now have 2000! ;)

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PostPosted: 22 Jun 2018, 20:42 

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What can i say about UORPG?

Its a unique server, has a progression system unlike any ive seen anywhere else, and it honestly reminds me of the good old days of top down RPGs.
Its got a very good questing system, with unlocking paths based on previous progress. This applies not only to the traditional hunting and looting tropes, but also to crafting as well. Ive played a few classes to level 8, but the Crafter is definitely my favorite.

Paladins, i feel have a good place in the roleplay fabric on the server, but were a little underwhelming when it came to PvM.
Vampires, These guys are absolute beasts in PvM, the infinite healing potions was really, really nice.
Crafters, These guys are a blast to play if you enjoy a more slow paced, exploration based gameplay.

I didnt give the others enough time to give them a fair observation, but i definitely enjoy the experience so far.

Ive spent days in a cave swinging a pickaxe in the same spot, ran around the wilderness for hours at a time trying to find rare ore spawns.
Some people may not consider this the most exciting part of the game, but i love seeing the incremental progress.

The crafting system itself is great, i love how you can choose to queue up, and make as many of the same a items as you need, with just the click of one button.

I love grinding out the next level, hoping i have enough ore for my new pickaxe to mine the next level ore.

I really enjoy the bulk order deed/ questing system for crafting too. Making my way up through the tiers of metals brings a satisfaction to me.


As for the things i would like to see?

Honestly, there isnt much i would change. The biggest one would be cave mining.
I understand that its meant to slow down progress for people just AFK macroing. However, its near pointless to actually pay attention to cave mining at all. The rate at which you get special ores is a bit painful. I enjoy walking around a cave mining with other crafters, having a conversation and enjoying some relaxing gathering.

I guess it can be a bit difficult to get started as an english player, some information in the english section of the site is rather outdated and could use a bit of TLC, especially in regards to the Crafting section.

Anyway, been here for about a week now, loving it entirely too much, playing like i did back in the late 90s. Nostalgic.

Thank you for this wonderful opportunity to enjoy UO like a kid again.


Ingame name: Craftfaec

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PostPosted: 11 Dec 2018, 19:39 

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Started playing ultima online in 1999 in a Turkish server. I have been playing on various servers since then.

The reason I decided to play in UORPG is because of the systems as below:

- Classes: There are a lot of options to choose from and personally, I believe they are close to being balanced. Players are able to pick that is suitable for their certain types of gameplays. A class of having more stats and skills towards their class abilities are reasonable.
- Leveling: I always loved level-grinding ultima online servers and having a newbie dungeon is definitely a plus.
- Resourses: There are plenty of them and they all can be put into use through out the all phases of your game play.
- Artifacts: So many artifacts it actually might get you confused at first.
- Features: Enchanting your weapon, reading a book to increase your ability on a skill, looting a key from a monster in a dungeon and to find treasures inside or going out for a treasure adventure outdoor.

Here are some criticisms that I can make about the server;

For a newbie, it’s hard to understand the whole system, because it’s too complicated. The systems and quests should be explained more clearly on the website. The website is a bit disorganized. The new slayer rune system is hard to understand too. You must go to each vendor and find out what you have to collect to level up and you also have to remember those. There should be new page explaining how many and what missions I completed. The .mobs comment only gives you the number of creatures you killed, yet you still don’t know where you are at your mission. Also the slayer rune system that is on the website, is not written with the best English- it’s hard to understand.

PvP: It’s really hard to stay alive without having decent items in PvP, because most of the people has been playing for a long time and they have strong items. People should be encouraged to do more PvP than PvE and play in the war mode. Maybe when killing a player an xp gain can happen without abusing it. A winter set+death scythe is enough to kill anyone(if you’re a vampire you one shot people), and you can cast spells while running so players are finding ways to run away.

Notes: I saw a player recall from desert island, I don’t know how that happened. I also saw a player with no health and recalls and while casting I can’t attack the player. If these has anything to do with artifact items, I couldn’t see it on the website.

Nickname: Muz

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PostPosted: 28 Apr 2019, 08:44 

Joined: 28 Apr 2019, 08:22
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This was my first Online game in my all history :)

19 Years ago we started 7 friends. After Diablo 1 Pc Game , we just schocked... We need to learn Skills , commands , stats , jobs , items whole new world for playing Uo. At that time surely we didnt know that , we will be addicted to Ultima Online.. But It happened we are still playing at 2019..

I want to write down Opposite and nevagite thoughts of mine seperate..

First Opposite +

- Level Sys : It's ok and different from all other servers I saw .. 0 to 8 Level Player Can Use Newbie Dungeon without fear to loose items or getting back corpse .. Its very helpful for learning server leveling system and mob styles..

- Skills and Stats : Its really increasing with high speed up to 100 , after 100 you need to work more for getting succesful on skills , if you are craftsman you should grind stuff for exp and If you are a warrior archer or mage , you should kill mobs for exp or just do quest daily for little exp help :)

Items and Artefacts : You can find or create items for benefit. Treasures and mobs drop weapons or some armor stuff for benefit but if you are a crafter you can make it own and make good profit ( or you can just create it for your second warrior mage archer char )

These are the most important opposite + review for me now we will read some negative issues;

Some Negative but not problem issues -

- Most of players are not helpful in-game , You should find your own war while playing in . You can call a friend of you for playing in UORPG , They will like server guaranteed but dont try to make new friends in-game ( probably you will loose time )

- I Really couldnt find any good ride for tame but learned server yet and now playing more effective.

I think this is the only Negative Issue in server ( friend making )

I've tried to explain server from my eye with most important issues....

Thanks for Staff to make this game Great Again :)

In-Game Nick : Ezmaral , The Knight

If Possible I'd be happy to get 2 week premium + or more.. Thanks

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PostPosted: 30 May 2019, 03:31 

Joined: 30 May 2019, 02:41
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Today I start playing on this server, for now my impression of it is very good, I think it is quite unique work done and how the game is developed at the beginning, unlike other servers where many original parameters are respected of servers type RunUO, Sphere, etc ... -> It's a pretty refreshing game! :) I like to see that the mechanics of the game has been greatly modified, having to learn again how "almost" everything works in a different way than usual.

Something that I would like and that I understand is hard to implement, would be a translation layer for the "Spanish", where according to the client program is using a language or other than English or Russian, the server can offer a cliloc of a language of Automatic form from a cliloc file in the languages ​​originally supported by the original client or custom in each language..

The server website I love, the design is excellent, but in the forum I would like to see a theme similar to the website, same colors and buttons ... Not only Subsilver and Prosilver as themes.

In the wiki I miss English, but if there was a section in Spanish it would be excellent.

I really like the editions of the map, once again, giving a fresh touch to the original maps, above all the transparency of water in rivers is great work.

I can think of a small system, consisting of a gump that picks up many buttons, similar to the Joeku administration system, but which can only trigger user commands.

NickName: Cabron.

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