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Hellfire event Update
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Author:  Vikky [ 10 May 2018, 22:37 ]
Post subject:  Hellfire event Update

Hellfire event Update files you can download here

Update list:
- Tiledata of Hellfire Events Arena were fixed.
- Bug with summoning monsters on Player respawns was fixed.
- Servants of the Boss will locate near him from now.
- Boss in 3rd round will be placed in the middle of arena, and wont go away from there.
- We have added some tips, they will appear if the damage you are trying to deal to the Boss causes no damage.
- In 3rd round portals will lead you directly to main arena.
- The numbers of NPC spawns were reduced.
- Some NPC spawn locations were changed.
- Physical and magical defense of NPC's were fixed.
- Some unnecessary buttons in gumps were deleted.
- You will loose your "bought items" every time you die (even from NPC)
- You will be able to see the Score Table after the Event ends.
- The gold you will recieve - will be given in checks.
- Some other bugs were fixed.

More infos about Event : here.

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