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Update 07.08.2020
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Author:  Wap [ 07 Aug 2020, 03:31 ]
Post subject:  Update 07.08.2020

1) Holy ingots, Cursed logs, Holy sets and Desert Oclock have been added to the Reinar's shop. It will be much more profitable to buy ingots than made armor, so that it makes sense to do the quests (line of bulk orders) for the ability to forge Holy.
2) Holy and Cursed deposits can drop from level 2 bosses (Wywern, Lord of Shadows, Lord of Winter, Skeletal Dragon). The probability of dropping a deposit in Wywern is twice as high as in the other bosses.
3) Increased the damage of the ability of the Skeletal Dragon.
4) An additional 5% bonus to damage to mobs has been added to the Legendary sets.
5) At the end of the Fire Island dungeon, Asylum Keeper has appeared .
6) PvP in the zone of siege in the peaceful projection of the world will end at 22:00.
7) 15 seconds after receiving harm (damage, curse) you will not be able to open doors, gates, and also lock / unlock items in the house.

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