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PostPosted: 25 Oct 2020, 11:44 
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With the beginning of the game season we are representing to your attention "super action", which will last till 30th November.
Thanks to the "super action" players are able to get Free Premium Account for one month on one character! Character must be attached to e-mail.
If you want to take advantage of this "super action", you must fill a small questionnaire and post it in this topic:
1) Character Nickname whom you want to add Premium Account(you are able to specify one of your personal characters)
2) How did you found our server?
not necessary:
3) What do you like on this server?
4)What dont you like on this server?

1) One person can take part in this action only once. If you will try to cheat, there is possibility to lose all of your accounts.
2) It is forbidden to flood or spam in this topic, you should post just your questionnaire here if you want to get Premium Account.
3) You can also specify character that already have a Premium Account, in this case your Premium Account will be extended.

Learn about Premium account by this link:

PostPosted: 25 Oct 2020, 19:49 

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1) Character Nickname: Gabok (The mage)

2) How did you found our server?
not necessary: from google.

3) What do you like on this server? A lot of parts, so many auto events, npc's quest, pvp events, good entertaiment. Can farm in peacefull mode with premium, with the best setup without loot.
Realy so much perfect scripts from servers, probably 0 bugs actualy, and a lot of comands to server experience can be more confortable.

4)What dont you like on this server?

* PVP Balance: For example pvp about weapons damage, a vampire or knight can kill a wizard with two hits just running after him in 10 seconds. Hit running,(-240 dmg), second hit runing (-260 dmg), wizard down.
Inivisivility potions with 15 seconds delay, can make literaly Inmortal to one good pvp player in 1 vs 1, because, use invisivility potion, use bandage, and use ancient heal potion and is full hp instead.
Im not pvp expert in this shard but when i try to do pvp with my wizard and my experience, i look an strange balanced about Halbert damage with vampire rage for example, get 2 hits running and i died with my 340 armour points and 520 Hp and im literaly comfused.
(Sorry for my english, i know is not good)

* Peacefull protection of the world, some players only play in peacefull mode and like to play this mode and only farm monsters and 0 pvp, (like world of warcraft or path of exile), but some times, to farm the same monsters can be so boring.
I would like to OPEN "Wild Lands", create new monsters and new little Unique bosses like Ice dragon. That could be a lot of fun and it would help you never get bored with having more variety.

A greeting :)

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PostPosted: 25 Oct 2020, 21:13 

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1) Apodo del personaje: randolf (artesano)

2) ¿Cómo encontraste nuestro servidor?
no es necesario: en unas paginas( buscando los mejores servidores de ultima online

3) ¿Qué te gusta de este servidor? basicamente el trato con otras personas y lo sencillo que fue con la ayuda de "Everpresent" por la facilidad de poder entender wikipedia en ingles , y eso que soy español pero desde luego me manejo mejor en ingles , que en ruso y eso se lo agradezco mucho :) .
la gente te suele ayudar sin muchas complicaciones

4) ¿Qué no le gusta de este servidor?
pues creo que es lo centralizado que esta el juego en jugadores ruso deberia de darse un como de mas publicidad por que el servidor esta muy divertido y creo que la gente no entra por que al ver la bandera rusa se frena, pero luego es acccesible y facil de jugar , yo entre buscando un servidor que fuese de donde fuese y fuera estable, este por lo que vi en el foro tiene mas de diez años de vida, eso es un gran aliciente para mi, por que estoy harto de jugar en servidores que despues de dos años caen el el olvido o son descuidados , aqui veo que wap realiza cambio, pero una sugerencia y creo que hablo por todos DESEAMOS PODER ENTRAR EN LAS TIERRAS DE WILD LANDS y explorar nuevos sitios y quest que vallan no esos lugares

sin mas un saludo :)


1) Character nickname: randolf (craftsman)

2) How did you find our server?
not necessary: ​​in a few pages ( looking for the best servers of last online

3) What do you like about this server? Basically dealing with other people and how simple it was with the help of "Everpresent" because of the ease of being able to understand Wikipedia in English, and I am Spanish but of course I manage better in English than in Russian and I appreciate that a lot :) .
people usually help you without many complications

4) What don't you like about this server?
Well, I think it is how centralized the game is in Russian players, it should be given a more publicity because the server is very fun and I think that people do not enter because when they see the Russian flag it stops, but then it is accessible and easy to play, I entered looking for a server that was from wherever it was and was stable, this one from what I saw in the forum has more than ten years of life, that is a great incentive for me, because I am tired of playing on servers that after two years they fall into oblivion or are neglected, here I see that wap makes a change, but a suggestion and I think I speak for everyone WE WISH TO BE ABLE TO ENTER THE LANDS OF WILD LANDS and explore new sites and quests that go not those places

without more a greeting :)

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