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 Post subject: [Addon] Lost treasures
PostPosted: 04 Jun 2020, 03:34 
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Residents of the Empire, important information! Our Archmages, when sorting through the rubble of the city's libraries, left over from ancient times, found old tablets on which an ancient and interesting history had been written.

"For many years there was a war between the Empire and the Union. Many of the victims shed the blood of lost generations. Neither side could gain the upper hand, for more than a brief period. The Empire had the advantage on land and the Trade Union was stronger at sea. Who knows how many years this war might have lasted if not for a mage in the Empire. His name, was Xamantarius and his strength was unprecedented.

With the arrival of the wizard, the precarious balance swung in the direction of the Empire. The Trade Union began to understand how this confrontation will end. Many representatives of the nobility feared defeat and the and pillaging that would follow. It was too hard to accept the idea that you could lose all the wealth you had gained during the long years of prosperity of the trading channels. Panic set in amongst the aristocrats. The nobility of the Union decided to flee, taking with them all their valuable belongings. It was too dangerous to go by sea, due to limited escape routes. It was decided to leave by land. Onlookers said that the caravans flowed like a river. In some places sounds of ringing were reporting. In others place the spreading of strange and whimsical smells and aromas. Everything was taken away: strange trophies and products made of stone, clay, leather, and wood. Also, countless foreign curiosities and works of art.

However, while on the way, the representatives of the merchant nobility realized that they could not leave with these items. The empire would find them and take everything, and murder them. It was decided to hide the treasures in the most secret and hidden corners of the land. For added protection they used a "long-forgotten spell" to obscure the treasures from eyes of would be treasure-seekers

And thus.. Great news! The wizards of Aiventis have found a spell that allows you to locate the places where the valued items are hidden! They are scattered across all regions of our world. From Ice Dungeon in the North all the way through the Desert Island in the South. From Destard Dungeon in the West and to Moonglow Island in the East.

The wizard's spell worked, which makes it possible to see the once lost treasures. These items are yours, for the taking!

You can get obtain items by killing monsters in the dungeons or opening dungeon chests. Paintings, statues, interior and exterior details houses, various decorations and much more. The items in each region are unique and do not repeat themselves.

Things in loot will appear in the next few days, when the server will be rebooted.

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