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1) All players can receive a month of Premium and one gift by filling out an application on the forum.
2) Overseas merchants arrived to Altair. In their land, there has been a crop failure and they are buying up food from local farmers. You can find seeds in all monsters drop. Seeds can be locked down with key on the territory of your house, then the harvest will start to grow.
You need to check the seedings. Plants need watering, you can buy special barrel for wattering from Provisioner, fill it with water (in any pond) and water the garden. You can level of the water by clicking on the sprouts. You can use any healing potions to get rid from them, such potions have insecticidal properties.
If you wont follow your garden plants will lose their lives, and you will get less doubloons from overseas merchants for your harvest, or the plant will dry up completely.
Collected harvest you should sell to overseas merchants on Altair, you will get doubloons for that. The quantity of recieved doubloons depends on the demand for products (blueberries will cost more than potatoes) and the value of the variety (widespread, rare or unique). For doubloons from overseas merchants you can bargain the following goods:
— Overseas Merchant's Box, can contain Enchant scrolls, information about deposits, artifacts, as well as overseas horses and mustangs (a new type of mount);
— Hammer of Doom - the most powerful hammer in the game, has a chance to stun the enemy (like the Hammer of the Dwarf King)
— King's of Dead Book - the best book of necromancy on the server;
— Bow of Equality - great bow with a dispel effect on arrow hits, bow damage increased (up to 68 in the war and 65 in the peace projection of the world)
You will be able to find seeds in monster drop till an end of the summer. Overseas merchants will stay on Altair until 14th September.
2) Wywern's loot has been updated, now you can drop Dragon Talisman and dragon scales from it.
3) Serpent's Talisman will give 10 energy protection instead of fire protection (due to the introduction of Dragon Talisman).
4) Robe of Basilisk in combat projection (not Blessed) will give 400 max intoxication and 0.5 detox (was 300 and 0.3).

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